[Fireship] Fulltext Search on Firebase with Meilisearch

Fireship – Fulltext Search on Firebase with Meilisearch [FCO] About A common issue that developers face with NoSQL databases (and SQL to a lesser extent) is a lack of full-text search capabilities. If you want to build a performant typeahead search box or handle multi-property filtering on a collection, you’ll find it frustratingly difficult to […]

[Fireship] SvelteKit Full Course

Fireship – SvelteKit Full Course [FCO] About SvelteKit Full Course Learn how to build awesome full-stack apps with SvelteKit SvelteKit – The Full Course is a hands-on tutorial where you will build a complete web app with SvelteKit and Firebase – the so-called FKIT stack. What will I learn? • Everything you need to be […]

[Fireship] Stripe for SaaS

Fireship – Stripe For SaaS [FCO] About Stripe for SaaS Accept Payments in your Software-as-a-Service Product with Stripe Stripe for SaaS Full Course is a hands-on tutorial where you will build a monetized web app with Stripe, Next.js and Supabase. What will I learn? • Everything you need to build complex payment flows with Stripe […]

[FireShip] Modern JavaScript Full Course

FireShip – Modern JavaScript Full Course [FCO] About Learn how to build real-world applications with JavaScript In-Detail The JavaScript Course teaches you how to build modern applications with vanilla JavaScript – no React, no TypeScript, no Frameworks – just plain old JavaScript. What Will I Learn This course is focusd on the basics of JavaScript […]

[FireShip] React – The Full Course

FireShip – React – The Full Course [FCO] About Learn the fundamentals of React.js by building five apps from scratch. In-Detail React – The Full Course is unlike any other React course on the Internet. It provides a fast-paced introduction to essential concepts, then puts them into practice by building multiple fun and challenging full-stack […]

[FireShip] Firebase Security Course

FireShip – Firebase Security Course [FCO] About Secure your Firebase app by mastering security rules In-Detail Firebase Security – The Full Course will teach you how to write, organize, and test Firestore security rules. The goal is to prepare developers for the safe and secure launch of a Firebase project. What Will I Learn – […]

[FireShip] Git & GitHub Full Course

[FireShip] Git & GitHub Full Course [FCO]   Master the fundamentals of Git and GitHub from the ground up   The Git & GitHub Full Course teaches you how to use Git and GitHub to manage your code like a professional software engineer. Take a hands on approach to learn the basics of version control from […]

[FireShip] VS Code Magic Tricks Course

[FireShip] VS Code Magic Tricks Course [FCO]   Write code faster with VS Code tips, tricks, and best practices   The VS Code Magic Tricks course will teach you how to write code faster and make you a happier developer. It demonstrates dozens of small optimizations that result in long-term productivity gains as a programmer. 🧠 What will I Learn? 👨‍🎤 […]

[FireShip] React Supabase Full Course

FireShip – React Supabase Full Course [FCO] About Build and deploy a full-stack, production-ready web app with Supabase, React, and Postgres. In-Detail The Supabase Course is a project-based course that builds a Reddit-inspired web app from scratch with Supabase, PostgreSQL, and React. What will I learn? The goal of this course is to provide you […]