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How Valuable is ITIL certification?

For many IT professionals, a career in IT Service Management (ITSM) starts with ITIL certification. The ITIL Foundation Certification is the starting point for any ITIL certification path. There are a number of possible roles that await a dedicated IT professional pursuing ITSM. From service desk technician to IT operations manager, an ITSM career path extends from beginner to executive.

Unlike other certifications in technology, ITIL focuses on business skills for IT professionals. It may not help you find the subnet mask for an IP address, but it will give you the management skills required to handle a wide variety of organizational issues.

Since 2013, ITIL has been under the direction of Axelos, a joint venture between the UK government’s Cabinet Office and the professional services company Capita.

Potential test takers will be interested in ITIL certification costs at each level. ITIL Foundation Certification cost is generally the lowest, and the price increases from there. The ITIL v3 Certification cost is listed as low at $250 (USD), but the actual price will depend on where you take it. Exams are usually offered following an ITIL course. Exams can be proctored in a classroom or online. As with the training, exam costs may vary with the training provider, the country, and the region.

As with any IT certification, there are multiple ways to prepare. Your study path may include a combination of classroom instruction, online courses, or self-study. Axelos recommends that you read as much as you can, ask a lot of questions, and take a lot of notes. And one interesting tip that they offer is to use real-world examples in your exam preparation. “Don’t be afraid to ask how ITIL relates to your own workplace experience,” they write.

In this guide, we cover a number of topics about getting certified in ITIL. We look at individual exams and offer comparisons between ITIL v.3 and ITIL v.4. We also help you explore what an ITIL certification can do for your career. Finally, we discuss training options, including those offered by CBT Nuggets.


Here is what’s included in this certification guide:

• ITIL Certification Guide
• What is an ITIL Certification?
• ITILv3 Scheme vs ITILv4 Scheme
• ITILv3 Certifications
• ITILv4 Certifications
• How to Transition from ITILv3 to ITILv4
• ITIL Recertification and Renewal
• ITIL Certification Salary and Career Information
• ITIL Certification Training


What is ITIL® Certification?

Unlike other IT certifications, ITIL does not focus on a particular set of technical tasks. Rather, it deals with a set of best practices to be followed in the implementation of IT Service Management. The idea is to track IT services from beginning to end in what is called lifecycle management. The principles of ITIL are valid for all industry segments in information technology.


A Complete ITIL® Certification Guide:

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ITIL originated in the 1980s in the UK as a set of five books. It was developed by a commercial arm of the British government called The Cabinet Office (similar to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce). It now serves as an accreditation and certification program for IT businesses and professionals worldwide.

In 2019, AXELOS started rolling out a significant revision to the current framework with the release of the ITIL 4 Foundation exam. Three more exams and specialty modules are expected to be completed by the end of 2020 — at which time the ITIL 4 will become the accepted designation. In the meantime, ITIL practitioners can choose to pursue available certification in the ITIL 3 or ITIL 4 frameworks. However, Axelos recommends that candidates with no ITIL certification start with the ITIL 4 path.

ITIL uses a credit system as part of its certification scheme. Each ITIL certification comes with a certain number of credits. For ITIL v3, 22 credits are required before taking the Expert level exam. The Foundation exam will get you two credits, and the Practitioner exam gives you three. The other certifications can be taken in any order.


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