[CBT Nuggets] GitHub Actions Tutorial: AWS & Azure Infrastructure Deployment

CBT Nuggets – GitHub Actions Tutorial: AWS & Azure Infrastructure Deployment [FCO]



Discover the power of GitHub Actions in this intermediate GitHub training course, where you’ll learn how to set up, configure, and automate services within AWS and Azure.

While most courses start with the basics, this course assumes familiarity with GitHub and jumps into real-world tutorials, showing you how to perform tasks you’d perform on the job as a software developer, cloud engineer, or DevOps pro. You’ll learn how to use GitHub Actions to interact with various AWS and Azure services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Azure containers.

Managers who utilize GitHub products can leverage this training to onboard new cloud engineers, integrate it into individual or team training plans, or use it as a valuable reference resource.


GitHub Actions: What You Need to Know

This GitHub Actions training covers GitHub topics including:

– Connecting GitHub Actions to AWS and Azure
– Deploying code to Azure Container instances by using GitHub Actions
– Setting up an automated data replication pipeline by using S3
– Managing EC2 instances with Ansible and GitHub Actions
– Deploying Terraform templates


Who Should Take GitHub Training?

This GitHub training is considered intermediate-level training, which means it was designed for software developers, cloud engineers, and DevOps professionals with at least one year of experience. This GitHub Actions course is valuable for new or aspiring IT professionals and experienced professionals looking to validate their skills.

Github Actions training for beginners. While this course is best suited for professionals who are familiar with GitHub or other version control systems, beginners can benefit from this course, as well. It will teach beginners the types of on-the-job tasks they can expect to perform down the road. And because they’re preparing for those tasks now, it won’t be as daunting when they encounter them in the real world.

Experienced IT professionals. If you’re familiar with GitHub, this training may seem all too familiar. But this training still deserves a watch as it can fill in knowledge gaps or show you how to leverage tools you may not have used before.



Trevor Sullivan – Nugget trainer since 2020

“I enjoy teaching IT because the technology industry is changing so rapidly, and our learners need to stay at the cutting edge.”

Trevor started building and troubleshooting computers at a young age, thanks to his father owning a software business. He brings more than a decade of IT and training experience to CBT Nuggets. Prior to joining the team, he worked in pre-sales engineering and solutions architecture. Trevor’s hobbies include riding motorcycles, hiking, and spending time with his family.


General Info:

Author(s): Trevor Sullivan
Language: English
Updated: 5/2023
Videos Duration: 8h
Course Source: https://www.cbtnuggets.com/it-training/devops/github-actions-aws-azure-infrastructure-deployment


Size: 10.5GB

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