[A Cloud Guru] AWS Essentials

A Cloud Guru – AWS Essentials [FCO]


This course is for people ready to jump in and begin working with AWS.


About the course

This course is packed with everything that you need to get started in your AWS journey. We go over the essential services that most people would use on a daily basis to maintain a healthy AWS environment. This course is focused more on jumping into AWS and using it correctly and quickly and less focused on obtaining a certification.

Let’s get learning together!

Lab Highlights

– Create and Subscribe to an AWS SNS Topic
– Set Start and Stop Times with Instance Scheduler
– Create a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Launch an EC2 Instance
– Creating S3 Buckets with Versioning and Encryption
– Creating a Web Server with EC2
– Curbing Costs Using an Auto Scaling Group
Source: https://acloudguru.com/course/aws-essentials-kRP6N
Size: 3.27GB

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