[SKILLSHARE] Adobe Illustrator CC – Advanced Training

Daniel Scott, Adobe Certified Trainer & UI/UX Expert About This Class Hi there, welcome to this Adobe Illustrator advanced tutorial. My name is Dan. I’m an ACI & ACE for Illustrator. This course is a more advanced look at Illustrator. It’s not designed for people who are brand new to Illustrator. This course is for […]

[Lynda] Learning 3D Graphics on the Web with Three.js

Author Engin Arslan Released 6/30/2017 3D graphics are a core part of data visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, and gaming—all fields that are growing fast! Learn to use the three.js JavaScript library to create 3D graphics for the web. Discover how to create 3D objects and customize their properties, work with different types of lights, […]

[Lynda] Design the Web: Slice Tool

Author Chris Converse Released 9/11/2013 Learn to create multiple, optimized web graphics from a single Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator file with the powerful and versatile Slice tool. Increase your productivity by exporting many graphics from a single composition, while maintaining the integrity of the design. Design the Web author Chris Converse teaches you how to […]

[Lynda] Design the Web: Multiple Graphic Sizes

Author Chris Converse Released 9/9/2013 With so many different devices on the market, web designers are faced with the challenge of creating multiple versions of their graphics for phones and tablets. Let Chris Converse show you how to leverage Smart Objects, clipping masks, and slices in Adobe Photoshop and make graphics that will look razor […]

[Lynda] Design the Web: HTML Background Video

Author Chris Converse Released 6/18/2015 Learn to use HTML5 video as a design element, by running it below other text and graphics on your website. This episode of Design the Web quickly runs through the six steps to accomplishing this technique, including: setting up the video element, positioning a logo and caption over the video, […]

[Lynda] Design the Web: Creating Smaller Graphics with PNG-8

Author Chris Converse Released 4/1/2014 PNG-24 files provide great quality with the added benefit of 8-bit transparency; however, this particular file format can be rather large. And larger files sizes mean longer loading times for your users. The good news is you can create varying transparent PNG-8 files—files that are between 60% and 80% smaller […]

[Lynda] Motion Design with CSS

Author Rachel Nabors Released 6/2/2017 Web browsers have the ability to display stunning CSS animations and transitions—which can brighten interfaces without dragging their performance down. In this course, join Rachel Nabors as she explains how to use CSS animations and transitions to enhance your web applications with powerful, information-rich motion and color. CSS is one […]