[Udacity] Become A Deep Reinforcement Learning Expert v1.0.0

Udacity – Become A Deep Reinforcement Learning Expert v1.0.0 [FCO] Nanodegree Program Learn the deep reinforcement learning skills that are powering amazing advances in AI. Then start applying these to applications like video games and robotics. What You Will Learn Deep Reinforcement Learning Learn cutting-edge deep reinforcement learning algorithms—from Deep Q-Networks (DQN) to Deep Deterministic […]

[UDACITY] C++ v1.0.0

NANODEGREE PROGRAM–nd213 Become a C++ Developer Learn C++, a high-performance programming language used in the world’s most exciting engineering jobs — from self-driving cars and robotics, to web browsers, media platforms, servers, and even video games. ESTIMATED TIME 4 Months At 10 hrs/week ENROLL BY August 14, 2019 Get access to classroom immediately on enrollment […]