[Coursera] Deep Learning Specialization

Coursera – Deep Learning Specialization [FCO] About Become a Machine Learning expert. Master the fundamentals of deep learning and break into AI. Recently updated with cutting-edge techniques! What you’ll learn • Build and train deep neural networks, identify key architecture parameters, implement vectorized neural networks and deep learning to applications • Train test sets, analyze […]

[Coursera] Machine Learning On Google Cloud Specialization

Coursera – Machine Learning on Google Cloud Specialization [FCO] About Learn machine learning with Google Cloud. Real-world experimentation with end-to-end ML What you’ll learn – Use Vertex AI AutoML and BigQuery ML to build, train, and deploy ML models – Implement machine learning models using Keras and TensorFlow 2.x – Implement machine learning in the […]

[Pluralsight] Building Machine Learning Solutions With Java – Learning Paths

Pluralsight – Building Machine Learning Solutions With Java – Learning Paths [FCO] About Machine learning has transformed our world, initiating new approaches to software development and applications. As a Java Developer to stay ahead of the upcoming changes we can start with implementing simple machine learning solutions. TensorFlow , Hadoop ,Spark and Kafka provide Java […]

[Udacity] Deep Learning With TensorFlow – Coupon

  [100% Off] Deep Learning With TensorFlow Free Course Coupon Created by Magnus Hyttsten, Juan Delgado, Paige Bailey TIMELINE: Approx. 2 Months SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate This course is a practical approach to deep learning for software developers About this Course Learn how to build deep learning applications with TensorFlow. This course was developed by the […]

[MANNING] Machine Learning For Mere Mortals [Video]

  Video Description What can you do with machine learning? • Use social media data to put the right ads in front of your users • Predict which customers are going to leave in time to stop them • Real-time product pricing that reacts to competition and demand • Create smart SPAM filters • Read […]

[PacktPub] Mastering Keras [Video]

  By Mike Ashcroft   About this video Successful data scientists need to be able to work with the most powerful tools to solve the most challenging problems. As deep learning becomes ever more entrenched as the gold-standard tool for a wide variety of advanced data analytics and Artificial Intelligence problems, it is essential for […]

[PacktPub] Hands-On Machine Learning for .NET Developers

  By Karl Tillström June 2020 Use machine learning today without a machine learning background   Description Key Features Quickly get up and running using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms in your .Net applications Implement machine learning algorithms using real-world data sets, without first learning math Leverage state-of-the-art (TensorFlow, ONNX) models, pre-trained by the tech giants, […]

[PacktPub] Deep Learning with Real World Projects [Video]

Geekshub Pvt. Ltd. July 12, 2019 20 hours 49 minutes Novice to pro in Deep Learning with Hands-on Real-World Projects More Information Learn Learn to create Deep Neural networks and machine learning models for complex real-world problems Get comfortable with Deep Learning libraries like TensorFlow and Keras Learn inner workings of Convolutional Networks and Computer […]

[PacktPub] Master Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0 in Python [2019] [Video]

July 19, 2019 4 hours 55 minutes Build deep learning algorithms with TensorFlow 2.0, dive into neural networks, and apply your skills in a business case. More Information Learn Gain a strong understanding of TensorFlow – Google’s cutting-edge deep learning framework Understand backpropagation, Stochastic Gradient Descent, batching, momentum, and learning rate schedules Master the ins […]

[PacktPub] Learn Artificial Intelligence with TensorFlow [Video]

Brandon McKinzie May 27, 2018 4 hours 20 minutes Get hands-on and create your own machine learning solutions More Information Learn Basic fundamentals of TensorFlow Using Computer Vision for modeling of images Learn to implement models for Natural Language Processing Some exciting tips & tricks for designing, training and evaluating the models. TensorFlow in a […]

[Coursera] Convolutional Neural Networks

This course is part of the Deep Learning Specialization Convolutional Neural Networks About this Course This course will teach you how to build convolutional neural networks and apply it to image data. Thanks to deep learning, computer vision is working far better than just two years ago, and this is enabling numerous exciting applications ranging […]