[O’REILLY] Blockchain in Swift: Decentralized iOS Programming

by Elshad Karimov Publisher: Apress Release Date: September 2019 ISBN: 9781484253823 Video Description Implement Blockchains in iOS applications using the Swift programming language while working with the basics of blockchain development. In the first part of this video, the logic behind blockchains will be explained and then the same logic will be implemented in iOS […]

[UDACITY] iOS Developer Nanodegree v1.0.0

NANODEGREE PROGRAM–nd003 Become an iOS Developer Master the Swift programming language, and create a portfolio of iOS apps for iPhone and iPad to showcase your skills! CO – CREATED WITH at&t lyft Google SKILL COVERED Swift programmingCore DataUIKitiOS networkingapp publishingUser interfacesLocal PersistenceAPIs + MORE JOB OPPORTUNITIES IOS Application Developer + MORE PREREQUISITES No pre requisites […]