[Coursera] Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate

Coursera – Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate [FCO] About Launch your career as a Social Media Marketer. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career and earn a credential from Meta. No degree or prior experience required to get started. What you’ll learn • Establish an online presence, build a following, and manage your social […]

[MasterClass] Noam Chomsky Teaches Independent Thinking And The Media’s Invisible Powers

MasterClass – Noam Chomsky Teaches Independent Thinking And The Media’s Invisible Powers [FCO] About Renowned scholar, linguist, and political activist Noam Chomsky explores the dark side of media. Learn to cut through propaganda, defend against manipulation, and control what you consume. In-Detail Dive into the invisible powers of media with Noam Chomsky. One of the […]

[Max Tornow] 30 Seconds A Day Viral Growth Masterclass

Max Tornow – 30 Seconds A Day Viral Growth Masterclass [FCO] How to go viral and grow on Instagram & TikTok What Is The 30 Seconds A Day Viral Growth Masterclass? Want to know how you can grow your brand + have clients come to you? Even with zero experience, zero editing skills? Then you […]

[DevMarketing] Marketing For Developers

DevMarketing – Marketing For Developers[FCO] A book and course for programmers who want to learn marketing Description Only one factor predict’s a product’s success It’s not the quality of your code. It’s not “scratching your own itch.” It’s not the programming framework you chose. It’s not test-driven development or continuous integration. What makes an app […]

[MANNING] Machine Learning For Mere Mortals [Video]

  Video Description What can you do with machine learning? • Use social media data to put the right ads in front of your users • Predict which customers are going to leave in time to stop them • Real-time product pricing that reacts to competition and demand • Create smart SPAM filters • Read […]

[Teachable] The YouTube Creator Academy By Graham Stephan

  Learn how to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 100,000+ Subscribers – and how to turn it into a Six-Figure Income Generating Business   Description: Learn the EXACT strategies and SEO growth hacks which took me from having ZERO social media presence, and ZERO prior video, editing, or YouTube experience…to now having over […]

[SchoolOfTikTok] TikTok Mastery By Trevor Bell

  Explode Your TikTok Learn How To Create High Performing Content! – Are You Tired Of Not Being Noticed On TikTok? – Tired of trying to “figure out” how to blow up TikTok ?   Discover Your TikToK Talent Becoming a star on social media or “TikTok famous,” as they say is ALL about finding […]

[PacktPub] Cybersecurity Attacks (Red Team Activity) [Video]

  Sergii Nesterenko February 28, 2018 3 hours 35 minutes Learn about the different kinds of cyber attacks and how they can be executed More Information Learn See different types of cyber attacks, how they are executed, and to provide vulnerability assessment Explore the technology of cyber espionage and quickly discover upcoming cyber attacks Use […]