[A Cloud Guru] Serverless Security Principles

A Cloud Guru – Serverless Security Principles [FCO] About Learn about serverless security risks and concerns What you’ll learn Serverless architecture enhances software development with increased flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge and address potential security concerns associated with deploying serverless code and workloads. Achieving a secure implementation requires a proactive […]

[Nate Berkopec] Sidekiq in Practice

Nate Berkopec – Sidekiq in Practice [FCO] About Are you using Sidekiq to process your background jobs, but struggling with it as your application scales? Sidekiq can scale to 5,000 jobs per second with just a little effort and knowledge: in Sidekiq in Practice, I’ll show you how. Sidekiq in Practice takes a step-by-step approach […]