[Frontend Masters] Product Design Fundamentals

Frontend Masters – Product Design Fundamentals [FCO] About Join UX consultant Paul Boag in this workshop to learn the basics of product design. Discover how to create fast and effective prototypes before designing your final app using a robust design system. Course description If you want to create a great app or already have a […]

[CBT Nuggets] Fundamental Data Security In The Cloud

CBT Nuggets – Fundamental Data Security In The Cloud [FCO]   Fundamental Data Security in the Cloud Online Training This intermediate Fundamental Data Security in the Cloud training prepares security professionals to provide a basic level of security to cloud data networks, whether hybrid or completely in the cloud. There are very few companies who […]

[DevMarketing] Marketing For Developers

DevMarketing – Marketing For Developers[FCO] A book and course for programmers who want to learn marketing Description Only one factor predict’s a product’s success It’s not the quality of your code. It’s not “scratching your own itch.” It’s not the programming framework you chose. It’s not test-driven development or continuous integration. What makes an app […]