[MasterClass] Small Habits That Make A Big Impact On Your Life By James Clear

MasterClass – Small Habits that Make a Big Impact on Your Life By James Clear [FCO] About James Clear, No. 1 NYT bestselling author of Atomic Habits, teaches you to build habits that stick and make progress toward your goals every day. In-Detail Nobody breaks down habits like behavior hacker James Clear. The Atomic Habits […]

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World [AudioBook] [FCO]

Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World [AudioBook] [FCO] About Have you noticed things mysteriously move around? Keys don’t stay put, wallets transport to different places, and socks go missing from the laundry. We observe reality shifts when things appear, disappear, transform or transport, and when we experience changes in time. Reality shifts range […]

[MasteringNuxt] Mastering Nuxt 3

MasteringNuxt – Mastering Nuxt 3 [FCO] About The complete guide to developing and deploying fast, production-ready Nuxt apps. An Introduction to Mastering Nuxt 3 The team behind Nuxt 3 and the Mastering Nuxt 3 course share their insights into the journey of creating Nuxt and the ultimate guide to learning the platform. The video includes […]

[Edx] Improvement Science in Education – Coupon

  [100% Off] Improvement Science in Education Free Course Coupon Author(s): Donald J. Peurach, Anthony S. Bryk Duration: 32.0 hours Expires: a few seconds ago Learn how to apply principles and practices of improvement science to improve educational practice, raise student performance, and reduce achievement gaps. About this course With roots in industry and in health […]