[PHLEARN] Better than HDR – Master Luminosity Masks in Photoshop

Description Have you ever tried to take a picture of a jaw-dropping landscape only to have the sky be washed out and overexposed or the ground be dark and without detail. Until now, HDR was the only option to get detail across highlights, midtones, and shadows but would often lead to exaggerated effects and unrealistic […]

Creating 360-Degree Panoramas and Interactive Tours

Author Ron Pepper Richard Harrington Released 8/17/2016 Learn how to shoot and develop stunning 360-degree panoramas and interactive virtual tours. Whether you’re shooting real estate or outdoor landscapes, the process starts with great raw images. Ron Pepper and Rich Harrington discuss the gear you need to get good 360-degree shots, including camera, lens, and tripod […]

[PHLEARN] Lightroom Essentials: Coloring, Styles & Presets PRO

Easy 1.5 hours PRO Tutorials & Lightroom Join the Phamily Create Style for a Mile and Some Color for Your Mother. Lightroom isn’t just a tool for organization and cataloging. It has a wide variety of powerful tools that can transform your images into something extraordinary. In this tutorial we’ll show you how those tools […]