[Fireship] SvelteKit Full Course

Fireship – SvelteKit Full Course [FCO] About SvelteKit Full Course Learn how to build awesome full-stack apps with SvelteKit SvelteKit – The Full Course is a hands-on tutorial where you will build a complete web app with SvelteKit and Firebase – the so-called FKIT stack. What will I learn? • Everything you need to be […]

[Code With Mosh] Next.js Projects: Build an Issue Tracker

Code With Mosh – Next.js Projects: Build an Issue Tracker [FCO] About Learn to Build Full-stack Apps with Next.js, TypeScript, Prisma, Tailwind, and Radix UI What you’ll learn • Confidently build full-stack apps with Next.js 13+ and TypeScript • Master a methodical approach to build software • Build beautiful, modern UIs with Radix UI and […]

[PacktPub] Full-Stack React, Python, and GraphQL [Video]

Reed Barger October 24, 2019 6 hours 35 minutes Develop impressive, rich full-stack apps with the latest and greatest features of Python, React, and GraphQL More Information Learn Build stunning, complete full-stack applications with React and Python Create a robust Python backend with the Django web framework Integrate GraphQL with Python using Graphene and Graphene-Django […]

[UDACITY] Cloud Developer v1.0.0

NANODEGREE PROGRAM–nd9990 Become a Cloud Developer Cloud development is the foundation for the new world of software development. Enroll now to build and deploy production-ready full stack apps at scale on AWS, an essential skill for advancing your web development career. ESTIMATED TIME 4 months At 10 hours/week ENROLL BY September 11, 2019 Get access […]