[Coursera] BI Foundations with SQL, ETL and Data Warehousing Specialization

Coursera – BI Foundations with SQL, ETL and Data Warehousing Specialization [FCO] About Springboard for BI Analytics success. Develop hands-on skills for building data pipelines, warehouses, reports and dashboards. What you’ll learn • Write SQL queries to work with relational databases including CREATE TABLE, SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ORDER, JOIN, Functions, etc. • Execute commonly […]

Progress In Artificial Intelligence [eBook]

Progress in Artificial Intelligence: 21st EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2022, Lisbon, Portugal, August 31–September 2, 2022, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 13566) 1st ed. 2022 Edition [eBook] [FCO] About This book constitutes the proceedings of the 21st EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence, EPIA 2022, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal, in August/September […]

[Coursera] Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate

Coursera – Google Business Intelligence Professional Certificate [FCO] About Learn in-demand skills like data modeling, data visualization, and dashboarding and reporting in less than 2 months. What you’ll learn – Explore the roles of business intelligence (BI) professionals within an organization – Practice data modeling and extract, transform, load (ETL) processes that meet organizational goals […]

[SkillShare] Business Intelligence and Data Visualization with QlikSense

  Description Learn the essentials of QlikSense through this step-by-step tutorial. This course takes you through the basics of QlikSense, how to integrate your application with different data sources, manage data, build visualizations and sheets and share your insights with visual Data Stories! ..Learn to build a QlikSense App from scratch! ..Learn some of the […]

[SkillShare] Advanced Python Skills: become a better Python developer!

  David Armendáriz, #NeverStopLearning About This Class Welcome to Learn Python by doing! Tired of the same Python course teaching you data types and printing the same message in a for loop? It’s time to learn exciting things! In this course, you will learn a lot of built in functionalities for you to become a […]

[UDACITY] Business Analyst v2.0.0

NANODEGREE PROGRAM–nd008 Predictive Analytics for Business Learn to apply predictive analytics and business intelligence to solve real-world business problems ESTIMATED TIME 3 months At 10 hrs/week ENROLL BY May 15, 2019 Get access to classroom immediately on enrollment PREREQUISITES Algebra, Descriptive Statistics, and Excel See prerequisites in detail IN COLLABORATION WITH See the Udacity Advantage […]

[Lynda] Tableau 10 for Data Scientists

Author Matt Francis Updated 4/21/2017 Released 9/12/2016 Tableau is designed for data science! Move beyond the basics and delve deeper into the power of this data visualization software. Learn how to deal with messy or badly formatted data, use Tableau to answer key data analytics questions, and visualize your results with maps and dashboards. Tableau-certified […]

[Lynda] Tableau 10 Essential Training

Author Curt Frye Updated 5/10/2017 Released 10/13/2016 Tableau is the widely used data analytics and visualization tool that many consider indispensable for data-science-related work. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to sort, compare, and analyze data from multiple sources, including Excel, SQL Server, and cloud-based data repositories. Tableau 10: Essential Training explains everything you need […]