[LBTA] Ultimate SwiftUI Mock Interview AppStore

LetsBuildThatApp – Ultimate SwiftUI Mock Interview AppStore [FCO] About Ready to become a professional developer? After this course you will be prepared for any type of interview. Prerequisites: basic SwiftUI skills, understanding of networking. Course Topics • Rendering SwiftUI views with NavigationStack, ScrollView, Searchable, GeometryReader, AsyncImage, etc. • Fetching JSON with Async/Await • Decoding JSON […]

[LetsBuildThatApp] Podcasts [LBTA]

  Author – Brian Voong Video Course – 40 Lessons   Description In this exciting, jam-packed Podcasts course, we’ll be learning about all the proper techniques to build out an Audio Player application. Our app will be fully functional in terms of searching for available Podcasts on iTunes, bookmarking your favorite stations, and full support […]

[LetsBuildThatApp] Intermediate Training Core Data [LBTA]

  Video Course – 32 Lessons   Description Why am I Teaching this? If you’re looking to become an iOS developer or work on Front End Development, you’re going to have to learn how to Create, Read, Update, and Delete objects. These four operations are referred to as CRUD operations in the software development world. […]