[MindValley] The Art of Manifesting

MindValley – The Art of Manifesting – Regan Hillyer [FCO] About Millionaire mindset coach Regan Hillyer teaches The Art of Manifesting Call in your wildest dreams with spellbinding ease and speed A 27-day program that ignites your 5 unique creation superpowers: so you can turn your biggest goals into reality, fast. A program for the […]

[Mindvalley] Feng Shui For Life By Marie Diamond

Mindvalley – Feng Shui For Life By Marie Diamond [FCO] The Feng Shui for Life program is a personalized plan to come unstuck in any aspect of your life and make abundance, love and wellbeing flow to you. Chinese philosophy suggests that everything we ‘manifest’ in life is ⅓ the power of your mind, ⅓ […]