[SkillShare] Blender For Beginners: Making Your First 3D Scene

  Description In this Skillshare class you will learn the very basics of Blender. You will model, design, texture and light your very own scene! This series of videos will take you through the beginner steps of using Blender 3D, a free open source software for creatives. Your project will be creating a simple isometric […]

[SkillShare] Unreal Engine for Architecture – Class #1

  Description Hello and welcome to this my first Unreal Engine class! Today We will build an interior and visualize it using Unreal Engine 4. • In class #1 I will walk you through my process in creating photoreal interiors in Unreal Engine.   Some of what you’ll learn. • How to organize your references. […]

[Packtpub] Hands-On Blender 3D Modeling [Video]

Authors Brantley BrumleyBrantley has been a game and computer enthusiast since he could read, maybe even a little before that. It has been a few years since he branched out and has been trying to do what he loves full time, which is, create games. He successfully created and published his first 2D game, in […]