[The Great Courses] How To Program: Computer Science Concepts And Python Exercises

The Great Courses – How To Program: Computer Science Concepts And Python Exercises [FCO] Course Overview Learning a new language opens a wealth of opportunities. But there’s one language family that provides benefits like no other: the languages of computer programming. Now widely taught in schools—even in elementary schools—programming is an eminently learnable skill that […]

[The Great Courses] Playing Guitar like a Pro: Lead, Solo, and Group Performance

  Description Musicians have been performing for the public since time immemorial, inspiring people all over the world with their creativity, knowledge of theory, and subtle nuances that set them apart from the crowd. Embark on a wondrous trek around the world, through time, and into the hottest musical scenes in the last 100 years […]

[The Great Courses] A Historian Goes to the Movies: Ancient Rome

Professor Gregory S. Aldrete, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Green Bay   What Will You Learn?  Draw fascinating (and surprising) connections between films set in ancient Rome and science fiction films.  Explore two big-budget film takes on the mysterious legend of ancient Rome’s “lost legion.”  Dispel the myth of lively recreational drug use in ancient Rome […]

[The Great Courses] Fighting Misinformation: Digital Media Literacy

Taught By Multiple Professors 8 lectures |  Average 26 minutes each PDF included   What Will You Learn?  Distinguish between misinformation and disinformation, and learn about several types of problematic content. Explore the ways in which the internet has made us all publishers of information, and practice the techniques necessary to take responsibility for truth and […]

[The Great Courses] How to Publish Your Book

Professor Jane Friedman, University of Virginia 24 lectures |  Average 28 minutes each 1 Guidebook   What Will You Learn? Explore the history of the publishing business, the competition in the market, and the major players in the industry. Learn what elements comprise a good query letter and which red flags almost always result in immediate […]

[The Great Courses] Interconnected: The Past, Present, and Future of the Internet

Meet the “father of the internet,” who is trying to get the world online. Find out how policy, capital, and resources are both helping and challenging his efforts. Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, or ARPANET, was established in 1957 as a response to Russia launching Sputnik. Follow how that program evolved into the discovery of […]