[Laracasts] What’s New in Laravel 5.4

Intermediate What’s New in Laravel 5.4 It’s that time of year again! Laravel is on the cusp of graduating to version 5.4. Along with it comes a variety of excellent new optimizations and features. Markdown mail, higher order collection messages, Dusk, real-time facades… yes, please! In this series, I’ll get you up to speed on […]

[Laracasts] What’s New in Laravel 5.3

Intermediate What’s New in Laravel 5.3 It’s about that time again! The release of Laravel 5.3 is imminent. That means, it’s finally time to dig in and see what’s new. And, well, there’s a lot! From directory changes, to notifications, to passports, to everything in between! This series will be refreshed every work day, so […]

[Laracasts] What’s New in Laravel 5.2

Beginner What’s New in Laravel 5.2 It’s about that time again. Laravel 5.2 is on its way (possibly in January, 2016), with a variety of useful new additions. Let’s get ahead of the game, and begin reviewing what’s new. Size:  201.58M

[Laracasts] Whatcha Working On

Advanced Whatcha Working On Most of the lessons here at Laracasts boil down to rehearsed presentations. The reality, however, is that we all spend a lot of time tinkering, visiting StackOverflow, and debugging error messages. In this series, each episode will spotlight a small piece of workflow for what I happen to be working on […]

[Laracasts] Visual Studio Code for PHP Developers

Intermediate Visual Studio Code for PHP Developers Out of the blue, Microsoft jumps into the editor wars with an incredible offering that gives Sublime Text an overwhelming run for its money. In fact, it just might surpass it! So come along, as I demonstrate the ins, the outs, the tips, the techniques. Say hello to […]

[Laracasts] Unlocking Badges Workshop

Advanced Unlocking Badges Workshop Together, in this series we’ll add an “Unlockable Badge” feature to the Laracasts website. Perhaps when a user reaches a certain XP threshold, they unlock a badge. Or when they reach 500 “Best Answer” slots, they earn yet another badge. You get the idea. Let’s research and implement this feature using […]

[Laracasts] Testing Vue

Advanced Testing Vue testingvue.com How in the world are we supposed to unit test Vue components? Is it even possible? Why, yes. Yes it is! I’ll show you the full process, step by step. Not only will you learn the necessary tooling, but we’ll also review the ins and outs of testing your client-side code. […]

[Laracasts] Modern CSS Workflow

Intermediate Modern CSS Workflow The way we construct and think of CSS has changed drastically in the last ten years. In this series, we’ll review key tools in every modern frontender’s belt. This includes everything from the popular BEM methodology, to the wonders of flexbox, to bullet-proof grid frameworks. Size: 407.20M

[Laracasts] Modern CSS for Backend Developers

Intermediate Modern CSS for Backend Developers I know too many backend developers who are stifled by one glaring phobia: CSS. How do you construct a layout when nothing lines up? Every browser renders your code differently. Floats constantly break. Nothing works! If you agree, your thinking might be a bit out of date. You’ll be […]

[Laracasts] Let’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD

Advanced Let’s Build A Forum with Laravel and TDD A forum is a deceptively complex thing. Sure, it’s made up of threads and replies, but what else might exist as part of a forum? What about profiles, or thread subscriptions, or filtering, or real-time notifications? As it turns out, a forum is the perfect project […]

[Laracasts] Learn Vue 2: Step By Step

Intermediate Learn Vue 2: Step By Step vuecasts.com Vue is easily one of the most exciting additions to the front-end world in many years. With its intuitive API, and the fact that it can be applied to any type of application, it’s no wonder why folks have gravitated to it as much as they have. […]

[Laracasts] Learn Laravel Mix

Intermediate Learn Laravel Mix Webpack is the most powerful and flexible asset compilation tool available today. With that power, however, comes a certain level of complexity. That’s where Laravel Mix steps in. Intended for the 80% usecase, Mix wraps around webpack to make most commonly desired build tasks a cinch to activate. In this series, […]

[Laracasts] Learn Laravel Forge

Beginner Learn Laravel Forge In this series, guest instructor Marcel Pociot (Beyond Code) will steer you through the ins and outs of building and configuring servers with Laravel Forge. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran hoping to streamline your server workflow, or a beginner who doesn’t know where to start, Marcel will get you up to […]

[Laracasts] How to Read Code

Intermediate How to Read Code To improve as a developer, you must focus on three things: learning, reading, and writing. Or, in other words, learn from somebody more seasoned than you; read a lot of code; and write your own code daily. This series will focus on the reading component. Together, we’ll mentally parse an […]

[Laracasts] Be Awesome in PHPStorm

Beginner Be Awesome in PHPStorm Think about how many hours each week you spend within your editor. Doesn’t it make sense to unlock every inch of its capabilities? I certainly subscribe to that idea! Why don’t you come along, and I’ll teach you everything I know about PHPStorm. Size: 288.57M

[Laracasts] How Do I

Intermediate How Do I It’s cool, we all hit road blocks from time to time. Have a web-related question that could be solved in ten minutes or less as a video? If so, tweet @laracasts, hash #helpMeLaracasts, and cross your fingers! You just might see your answer in this series. Size: 1.14G

[Laracasts] Hands On: Community Contributions

Intermediate Hands On: Community Contributions In this mini-series, we’ll, from scratch, allow users to register, submit community articles and tutorials, and then vote on their favorites. Exactly like what we have here at Laracasts! While there are a number of moving parts, it should all make perfect sense, once we’re done. Size: 582.75M

[Laracasts] Do You React?

Advanced Do You React? While Laracasts is dedicated to PHP and Laravel, the reality is that most of us need to write JavaScript daily as well. In this series, we’ll learn about React – not the PHP version, but the JavaScript library, from the folks at Facebook. I think you’ll love it! Size: 338.21M  

[LARACASTS] Webpack for Everyone

Webpack is a wonderful tool for bundling front-end assets. Having said that, it can sometimes be a bit confusing to newcomers who switch over from a more traditional “concatenate these scripts and libraries in this exact order” setup. However, considering the recent release of Webpack 2, there has never been a better time to dive in. […]

[LARACASTS] What’s New in Laravel 5.5

Here we go again! Currently scheduled for an August release date, we’re on the verge of Laravel 5.5. With that in mind, let’s get a head start on the new features and additions to the framework. As always, there’s quite a few! Size: 385.98M

[LARACASTS] What’s New in Laravel 5.1

Laravel 5.1 includes a variety of welcomed new features. Everything from broadcasting events, to massively improved testing facilities, to LTS support. As always, Laravel is setting the curve with this new release. Let’s breeze through the new features that you’ll be enjoying. Size: 717.31M  

[LARACASTS] Understand Regular Expressions

Does the thought of a confusing regular expression send chills down your back? Don’t worry; you’re in the majority. But, luckily, the truth is that the trick to understanding regular expressions simply boils down to basic memorization. It’s not that tough, once you know what you’re looking for. Size: 152.41M

[LARACASTS] Sublime Text Mastery

If you intend to dedicate a career to web development, shouldn’t you, in the process, harness every ounce of your code editor? In this series, I’ll show you everything I know about Sublime Text. Size: 369.47M

[LARACASTS] Server Management With Forge

  Services like DigitalOcean and Linode are incredibly cheap and scalable, however, they do assume a certain level of server administration knowledge. Even with these skills, performing common tasks can prove to be a burden. Thankfully, Laravel Forge, built by the creator of Laravel (Taylor Otwell), is here to save the day. Size: 204.01M

[LARACASTS] Russian-Doll Caching in Laravel

Popularized in the Rails world, Russian Doll caching is an interesting approach, where you create nested fragment caches for your view logic. If you then link the keys for each of these cached items to the model’s “updated at” timestamp, what you get is easy caching for your view logic, and automatic cachebusting whenever the […]

[LARACASTS] Testing Laravel

Given the number of testing tools and resources available to PHP developers, it’s no wonder why so many developers feel overwhelmed. In this series, we’ll learn the ins and outs of PHPUnit testing, while working within your familiar Laravel application structure. Size: 1012.75M

[LARACASTS] Professional PHP Workflow in Sublime Text 3

This series is exclusively for the working developer who, though familiar with Sublime Text, needs to tweak and optimize their editor particularly for PHP development. Come along, as we review everything from error detection, to project management, to automatic PSR-2 fixing. Size: 216.70M

[LARACASTS] Laravel Authentication Techniques

While Laravel offers a robust, traditional authentication setup out of the box, you may find that you require unique setups for certain projects. Perhaps one application should leverage GitHub for its sign in functionality. Maybe another app only requires password-less authentication. In this series, we’ll review a number of techniques for authenticating your users. Size: […]

[LARACASTS] Learn Redis Through Examples

You’ve probably known for a while now that Redis is a thing. But, like so many others, maybe you’ve had trouble understanding exactly when you would reach for a key-value database like this. What’s wrong with just using MySQL for everything, right? Well, as you’ll find, there are a number of situations when Redis emerges […]

[LARACASTS] How to Manage an Open Source Project

Managing a popular open source project can be daunting at first. How do we maintain all these issues, or automatically trigger our test suite for incoming PRs? And what’s a useful workflow for brainstorming and adding new features? In this series, together, we’ll manage and maintain an open source forum, called Council, that we originally built […]

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