[Blackhat] Attacking and Securing APIs

Blackhat – Attacking and Securing APIs [FCO] Attacking and Securing APIs This is a hand-on practical concentrated course on securing and attacking web and cloud APIs. APIs are everywhere nowadays: In web apps, embedded systems, enterprise apps, cloud environments and even IoT, and it is becoming increasingly necessary to learn how to defend, secure and […]

[Cybrary] Become a Penetration Tester

Cybrary – Become a Penetration Tester [FCO] About Last year, penetration testers ranked as one of the three most in-demand jobs in the growing cybersecurity job market. To become a penetration tester, a college degree is not necessary since it’s a skills-based profession. Employers want professionals who can demonstrate the required skills, regardless of education. […]

[Linkedin] Python for Data Engineering: from Beginner to Advanced

Linkedin – Python for Data Engineering: from Beginner to Advanced [FCO] About Get up and running with the basics of Python before progressing to more advanced topics specific to data engineering. In this hands-on, interactive course, join instructor Deepak Goyal to practice performing a wide range of data engineering tasks in Python to boost your […]

[Learn Squared] Creative Illustration

Learn Squared – Creative Illustration [FCO] Unlock your creativity Create eye-popping illustrations and dynamic compositions with clear shapes, decisive lines, and big poses. Learn from renowned artist Amin Faramarzian, whose high-contrast, high-energy pieces might look like Saturday morning cartoons on the surface, but often hide deeper and powerful themes underneath. Instructor(s) Amin Faramarzian Media Information: […]

[Dometrain] From Zero to Hero: Test-Driven Development in C#

Dometrain – From Zero to Hero: Test-Driven Development in C# [FCO] About Master the craft of Test-Driven Development from the basics to the most advanced concepts Test-Driven Development (or TDD for short) is one of the most essential software development practices. It is a practice based on the simple idea that instead of writing our […]

[HB] The Ultimate NextJs 14 Course

Complete Course On Next.js [FCO]    Websites and web applications that are optimized for performance. The new app router, built on top of React server components and suspense, introduced in NextJs 13 and now fully stable in NextJs 14, makes building full-stack React applications easier. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to start […]

[ArdanLabs] Ultimate Go: Software Design with Kubernetes

ArdanLabs – Ultimate Go: Software Design with Kubernetes [FCO] About This course teaches you how to build production-level services in Go leveraging the power of Kubernetes. See the instructor walking through the design philosophies and guidelines for building services in Go. In Detail From the beginning you will pair program with the instructor, walking through […]

[Dometrain] Getting Started: Clean Architecture in .NET

Dometrain – Getting Started: Clean Architecture in .NET [FCO] About Clean Architecture is one of the most popular software architecture and solution organization approaches out there, and that’s for a good reason. It provides a clear path to a robust solution structure with clear guidelines and rules that help you fall into the pit of […]

[Learn NestJS] NestJS Architecture & Advanced Patterns

Learn NestJS – NestJS Architecture & Advanced Patterns [FCO] About Learn powerful Architectural Concepts and Patterns used in some of today’s most complex NestJS applications! In Detail: Prepare for an in-depth guided course & walk-through of Architecture & Advanced Patterns for NestJS applications from the Creator Kamil Mysliwiec himself, and Mark Pieszak (Core Team Member). […]

[Let’s Get Rusty] Rust Developer Bootcamp

Let’s Get Rusty – Rust Developer Bootcamp [FCO] About Lets Get Rusty – Bootcamp for Rust developers Who is this bootcamp for? Experienced developers who want to switch to Rust. Learn the language of the future. Your time is valuable ($148,688/year, literally). Learn Rust FAST with a bootcamp instead of digging through poor quality resources. […]

[AngularStart] Learn to build professional-grade Angular Applications

AngularStart – Learn to build professional-grade Angular Applications [FCO] About A complete text-based guide to Angular from beginner level through to building professional-grade applications. Concepts are taught from scratch, but the content will be valuable to intermediate – and even advanced – Angular developers. Learn Angular the way today’s highly trained professionals do It took […]

[Net Ninja] TypeScript Masterclass

Net Ninja – TypeScript Masterclass [FCO] About This is a Net Ninja Pro Exclusive course. TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language built on top of JavaScript, with additional features added in – primarily the ability to add types to values It provides a lot of benefits that JavaScript alone does not, including good error […]

[UI Mastery] The Ultimate UI Design Mastery Bundle

UI Mastery – The Ultimate UI Design Mastery Bundle [FCO] About Fast-track your path to UI design mastery and supercharge your career Elevate your UI design skills and unleash your full design potential. Confidently design stunning pixel-perfect web and app interfaces. Apply to higher-level design positions, enhance your portfolio, and impress your teammates and clients. […]

[Cloud Academy] Developing With GitHub Copilot

Cloud Academy – Developing With GitHub Copilot [FCO] About This lesson walks through the development of a command line TODO list application. Learning Objectives • Explain the value of temporary context • Explain the value of iterative refactoring • Explain the drawbacks of LLM-based applications • Use effective context to produce quality code • Use […]

[VueMastery] Programming an AI-Powered App

VueMastery – Programming an AI-Powered App [FCO] About Welcome to the exciting world of AI-powered applications! I’m Sandra Rodgers, and I’ll be your instructor as we embark on a journey together to create an AI-powered app that uses some of the newest and most powerful AI technologies. Throughout this course, you’ll learn the skills and […]

[CodeCourse] Build a File Marketplace with Laravel

CodeCourse – Build a File Marketplace with Laravel [FCO] About Build a marketplace where sellers can list and sell files, while we take a cut of each sale using Stripe Connect. We’ll cover onboarding users with Stripe Connect, creating products and uploading files, payments, and delivering purchased files to your customers. Here’s everything we’ll cover: […]

[DesignCourse] Advanced Frontends

DesignCourse – Advanced Frontends [FCO] About Learn how to build modern, interactive frontends with Gary Simon “Advanced FrontEnds” is a comprehensive course by Gary Simon, focusing on creating highly animated, interactive landing pages. It covers JavaScript, GSAP, and Three.js, with a progression from simple animations to intricate projects. The course includes practical challenges and a […]

[Chase Reiner] Viral AI Clone

Chase Reiner – Viral AI Clone [FCO] About EASIEST WAY TO MAKE $1,000 DAILY WITH CHATGPT / AUTOMATION (PROVEN TO WORK SYSTEM) Here is What We Will Be Giving You Our VIRAL AI Clone will guide you through our top secret system for creating your own clone that makes money online while you sleep! This […]

[ScaleUP Academy] SEO Training Course – Learn To Rank Higher In Search Engines

ScaleUP Academy – SEO Training Course – Learn to Rank Higher in Search Engines [FCO] About LEARN TO MARKET LIKE A MILLIONIARE SCALING BUSINESSES TO 7 FIGURES & CREATING MASSIVE RESULTS What You Will Learn In ScaleUP Academy • Works for any industry! Best for Coaches and Consultants • How people can spend $1 on […]

[SE Tradingx] SE Elite Course

SE Tradingx – SE Elite Course [FCO] About THE SE ELITE COURSE is perfect for Beginners, Intermediate and Pro traders alike. This Value for money course is filled with hours of valuable content, killer strategies and major knowledge on how to master your psychology and hone your own trading ability. It features breakdowns of STRATEGIES […]

[React.GG] The Interactive Way To Master Modern React

React.GG – The interactive way to master modern React [FCO] About The interactive way to master modern React by ui.dev WHAT YOU’LL LEARN • OPTIMIZED FOR AHA! We’re obsessed with helping you reach your aha! moments. Our text sections help you master the “why” behind React concepts and include fun, interactive visuals you can play […]

[IAmTimCorey] Git From Start to Finish

IAmTimCorey – Git From Start to Finish [FCO] C# Mastercourse Learn to use Git like a pro Git From Start to Finish Git is the world’s most popular Version Control System, but a lot of developers don’t know how to use it. You need to understand Git to be a software developer. When you do, […]

Smart Contract Hacking Course | Become A Hacker

Smart Contract Hacking Course | Become A Hacker [FCO] About Become A Hacker – Master the Most Demanded Skill in the industry STAND OUT ON THE JOB MARKET – HIGH SALARY – Junior Smart Contract Auditor: $50-$100/h – Senior Smart Contract Auditor: $300-$500/h Become a part of a small highly-qualified professional pool and make headhunters […]

React Native Complete Guide 2023: Zero to Mastery

React Native Complete Guide 2023: Zero to Mastery [FCO] About Everything about React Native – build cross-platform enterprise apps, incl. Hooks, Redux, Firebase, Rest API, Publishing What you’ll learn • Learn the Javascript and React Native basics for mobile app development on Android & iOS • Learn to build both bare React Native and Expo […]

The Ultimate React Course 2024: React, Redux & More

The Ultimate React Course 2024: React, Redux & More [FCO] About Master modern React from beginner to advanced! Context API, React Query, Redux Toolkit, Tailwind, advanced patterns What you’ll learn • Become an advanced, confident, and modern React developer from scratch • Build 8+ beautiful projects, including one HUGE professional real-world app • Become job-ready […]

Complete AI Course: ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney and More AI

Complete AI Course: ChatGPT, DALL-E, Midjourney and More Ai [FCO] About Comprehensive Ai MASTERCLASS: Learn ChatGPT, DALL-E and Midjourney all in one place What you’ll learn • Learn the Basics of ChatGPT • Learn how to use ChatGPT for SEO, Freelancing, and Content Creation • Learn the Basics of Dall-E • Learn how to use […]

English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course

English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course [FCO] About English speaking course. 77 Hours of English language speaking, English listening practice. 1000 English language words What you’ll learn • You will learn over 1000 vital English words, expressions and idioms, and how to use them in real life. • You will learn the most important […]

[EpicReact] Epic React | Get Really Good At React

EpicReact – Epic React | Get Really Good At React [FCO] About Building React applications demands that you make expert decisions before you write the first line of code. You’re responsible for building a cohesive, maintainable code-base that will help your team succeed and build a React application that serves your customers’ needs. You’re faced […]

[WebDevSimplified] TypeScript Simplified

WebDevSimplified – TypeScript Simplified [FCO] About Instantly increase your earning potential and learn to build scalable projects in just 5 hours Everything you need to learn TypeScript and build any project you can dream of in 47 easy to digest videos which amount to just under 5 hours of video content. Every single video is […]

[JoyOfReact] The Joy Of React – Josh Comeau

JoyOfReact – The Joy of React – Josh W Comeau [FCO] About The all-new interactive learning experience that teaches you how to build rich, dynamic web apps with React. So, let’s be real. Learning React is hard. Over the past few years, React has become a “must-have” skill for front-end developers. Just about every job […]