Mastering AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional [FCO]

Mastering AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional [FCO]   AWS Architect Pro: Craft Robust Solutions with Advanced Design and Optimization Techniques, SAP-C02 Exam Prep and Tips.   Description IMPORTANT before enrolling:This course is not intended to replace studying any official vendor material for certification exams, is not endorsed by the certification vendor, and you will not […]

The Ultimate Copywriting Workshop: Becoming a Pro Copywriter [FCO]

The Ultimate Copywriting Workshop: Becoming a Pro Copywriter [FCO]   Become a Pro Copywriter and Learn How to Land Copywriting Gigs and Opportunities.​   Description Do you want to become a copywriter? Do you want to learn copywriting so you can help businesses grow and make more sales? If yes, then this is the copywriting […]

[Coursera] Linear Algebra From Elementary To Advanced Specialization [FCO]

Coursera – Linear Algebra from Elementary to Advanced Specialization [FCO] About Learn Linear Algebra – the Theory of Everything!. Master techniques and theory of linear algebra Specialization – 3 course series This specialization is a three course sequence that will cover the main topics of undergraduate linear algebra. Defined simply, linear algebra is a branch […]

The Complete Odoo Technical Course 2023: From Zero to Hero [FCO]

The Complete Odoo Technical Course 2023: From Zero to Hero [FCO]   Learn to Build Business Applications with Odoo Framework. Everything You Need to become an Expert in Odoo Development.   Description This course will be regularly updated with new content and features to ensure that you are aware of the new changes Odoo has […]

Selenium WebDriver With Java MasterClass (From Zero To Hero)

Selenium WebDriver with Java MASTERCLASS (FROM ZERO TO HERO) [FCO] About ** TRUSTED BY 4000+ STUDENTS – Learn To Become a Selenium Test Automation Expert and Crush Interviews!! What you’ll learn • Test Automation Fundamentals • Selenium WebDriver with Java Test Automation • Inspecting Elements using Selenium WebDriver built-in locator methods • Handling dynamic elements […]

Generative AI For Java Developers With Azure OpenAI ChatGPT

Generative AI for Java Developers with Azure OpenAI ChatGPT [FCO] About Unlock the Future of AI using the powerful OpenAI models in the secured and reliable Azure Cloud What you’ll learn • Understand the fundamentals of AI,Generative AI and OpenAI API • Learn how to use ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering • Setup Azure OpenAI account […]

[Frontend Masters] Astro For Fast Website Development

Frontend Masters – Astro for Fast Website Development [FCO] About Astro for Fast Modern Web Development, Jason Lengstorf begins the course by introducing key aspects of Astro, a web framework that features zero JavaScript by default, incorporates partial hydration, and maintains a UI-agnostic approach. This course is compatible with Astro versions 2. x and 3. […]

[Domestika] Creating Presentations with AI

Domestika – Creating Presentations with AI [FCO] About Master the art of creating engaging presentations with AI-powered tools. Learn valuable techniques and concepts to captivate your audience. In-Detail Welcome to an inspiring online learning journey with Katya Kovalenko! In this online course, you’ll delve into the captivating world of Presentation Design. Katya, a seasoned Graphic […]

ChatGPT with MERN Stack Build SAAS Project With Stripe

ChatGPT with MERN Stack Build SAAS Project With Stripe [FCO]   Utilize ChatGPT: Create Subscription-based SAAS with MERN and Stripe – AI Mastery, SAAS Development, Content Generation   Description Welcome to the immersive world of ChatGPT Mastery, where you’ll embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of AI-driven SAAS projects. This comprehensive course […]

Complete Godot 3D: Develop Your Own 3D Games Using Godot 4

Complete Godot 3D: Develop Your Own 3D Games Using Godot 4 [FCO]   Learn how to create 3D games from start to finish in Godot engine 4 and GDScript! – EARLY ACCESS   Description Learn how to get the most out of the new Godot 4 game engine by making cool 3D video games.We take […]

[MasterClass] Crisis Day – Series

MasterClass – Crisis Day – Series [FCO] About A hostage negotiation. A critical threat in outer space. The mother of all crises, 9/11. See how the world’s best minds handle worst-case scenarios. In-Detail A mission-critical threat in outer space. An urgent hostage negotiation. And the mother of all crises, 9/11. This new series takes you […]

[Pluralsight] Network Protocols for Security: DNS

Pluralsight – Network Protocols for Security: DNS [FCO] About In this course, you’ll practice creating network traffic to analyze how DNS queries and responses operate. When you’re finished, you’ll have a fundamental understanding on how to find anomalies within DNS. What you’ll learn Understanding how network protocols operate is an implied skill required to be […]

[Coursera] Cybersecurity Attack And Defense Fundamentals Specialization

Coursera – Cybersecurity Attack and Defense Fundamentals Specialization [FCO] About Learn Ethical Hacking, Network Defense & Forensics. Master foundational skills to pursue a cybersecurity career and help build and maintain a secure infrastructure. What you’ll learn Information security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks. Network security assessment techniques and tools. Computer forensics fundaments, digital evidence, and forensic […]

[MasterClass] Mastering The Markets [Series]

MasterClass – Mastering The Markets [Series] [FCO] About Make smarter investments: Rise above the rest and navigate the market with insight from investors who’ve been trusted with more than $150 billion. In-Detail The founder of the world’s largest hedge fund. The “Oracle of Wall Street.” Two value-investing visionaries. They predicted shifts no one else saw […]

Executive Presence 2.0: Leadership in an Age of Inclusion [AudioBook]

Executive Presence 2.0: Leadership in an Age of Inclusion [AudioBook] [FCO] About In this updated and expanded edition of her celebrated book Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success, one of the world’s most influential business thinkers reveals the qualities essential to leadership in our fast-changing, post-pandemic world. Some are timeless (confidence, decisiveness), […]

C# 12 And .NET 8 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals – Eighth Edition [eBook]

C# 12 and .NET 8 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals – Eighth Edition [eBook] [FCO] Full Name: C# 12 and .NET 8 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals: Start building websites and services with ASP.NET Core 8, Blazor, and EF Core 8 About An accessible guide for beginner-to-intermediate programmers to the concepts, real-world applications, and latest […]

[AlgoExpert] Become An Algorithm Expert

[AlgoExpert] Become An Algorithm Expert [FCO]   65 video explanations of popular interview questions with solutions in JavaScript, Python, C++, Java and Go. Practice with popular questions. Topics range from string manipulation and graph traversal to dynamic programming and recursion.   In-depth analysis of complexity using performance optimization methods and techniques. What is AlgoExpert? 65 hand-picked questions […]

[Total TypeScript] Professional TypeScript Training By Matt Pocock | Solid TypeScript

[Total TypeScript] Professional TypeScript Training By Matt Pocock | Solid TypeScript [FCO]   Learn how to use TypeScript to level up your applications as a web developer with workshops and tutorials taught by TypeScript master Matt Pocock. Your time is precious.  You can use this time to create new features or fix bugs. You could be […]

[HB] The Ultimate NextJs Course

Complete Course On Next.js [FCO]    Websites and web applications that are optimized for performance. The new app router, built on top of React server components and suspense, introduced in NextJs 13 and now fully stable in NextJs 14, makes building full-stack React applications easier. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to start […]

[O’REILLY] Building A Career In Cybersecurity

O’REILLY – Building a Career in Cybersecurity [FCO] About 3 Hours of Video Instruction Learn the strategy and skills you need to succeed in the cybersecurity field Overview Cybersecurity is an exciting, fast-growing industry. But how do you get started in the field and stand out from the competition? What do you need to fast […]

Amazon Best Books Of The Month | November 2023 [eBooks]

Amazon Best Books Of The Month | November 2023 [eBooks] FCO] About A riveting, deeply personal memoir of more than twenty years of death-scene investigations by New York City death investigator Barbara Butcher. Barbara Butcher was early in her recovery from alcoholism when she found an unexpected lifeline: a job at the Medical Examiner’s Office […]

[Code With Mosh] React 18 For Beginners

Code With Mosh – React 18 for Beginners [From Zero To Hero] Part 1 [FCO] About A step-by-step guide to building web apps with React 18+ and TypeScript Clear. Concise. Comprehensive. Tired of piecing together disconnected tutorials or dealing with rambling, confusing instructors? This course is for you! It’s perfectly structured into a series of […]

[Pluralsight] TypeScript 5 Fundamentals

Pluralsight – TypeScript 5 Fundamentals [FCO] About This course will teach you all the fundamental features of the TypeScript programming language. You’ll learn how to use important language constructs and syntax, as well as how to use different compiler options and project configuration settings. What you’ll learn TypeScript helps you create web applications that are […]

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning [eBook]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Innovations in Health Informatics and Healthcare) [eBook] [FCO] About This book focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies and how they are progressively being incorporated into a wide range of products, including consumer gadgets, “smart” personal assistants, cutting-edge medical diagnostic systems, and quantum computing systems. This concise […]

[MasterClass] Small Habits That Make A Big Impact On Your Life By James Clear

MasterClass – Small Habits that Make a Big Impact on Your Life By James Clear [FCO] About James Clear, No. 1 NYT bestselling author of Atomic Habits, teaches you to build habits that stick and make progress toward your goals every day. In-Detail Nobody breaks down habits like behavior hacker James Clear. The Atomic Habits […]

Accelerators For Convolutional Neural Networks [eBook]

Accelerators for Convolutional Neural Networks [eBook] [FCO] About Accelerators for Convolutional Neural Networks Comprehensive and thorough resource exploring different types of convolutional neural networks and complementary accelerators Accelerators for Convolutional Neural Networks provides basic deep learning knowledge and instructive content to build up convolutional neural network (CNN) accelerators for the Internet of things (IoT) and […]

[Coursera] Databases For Data Scientists Specialization

Coursera – Databases for Data Scientists Specialization [FCO] About All about Databases for Data Scientists. Learn to design and create efficient and effective relational databases, fill them with data, and work with them using SQL. What you’ll learn – Design effective, efficient databases through normalization and data modeling – Develop expertise in programming with the […]

Beginning iOS Programming With Swift And UIKit (iOS 16 & Xcode 14 Ready) [eBook]

Beginning iOS Programming with Swift and UIKit (iOS 16 & Xcode 14 Ready) (Mastering iOS Programming and Swift Book 2) [eBook] [FCO]AboutIf you want to create an app but don’t know where to begin, this book covers the whole aspect of iOS app development using the new Swift programming language and the UIKit framework. It […]

Practical Core Data: A Modern Guide To The Core Data Framework [eBook]

Practical Core Data: A modern guide to the Core Data framework [eBook] [FCO] About About Practical Core Data Learn Core Data from the ground up using new and modern techniques. This book has a total of 12 chapters designed to help you master Core Data from the basics all the way to the interesting and […]

[PacktPub] React JS Masterclass – Go From Zero To Job Ready [Video]

PacktPub – React JS Masterclass – Go From Zero To Job Ready [Video] [FCO] About This course begins with an in-depth introduction to React software and its features, pros and cons of use, and outlines the fundamentals, including components and props, state, hooks, context, and reducers. Over the course duration, we will explore JSX and […]

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